Why You Should Use PLCs?

Do you really have this question in mind? Why upgrade to the latest technology? Why go to automation? Well, it is necessity of the time and if you can’t do it then sorry to say, you will lose the competition. And, your competitors are already advancing with the technology at their hands. So, if you are still stuck with that question, then it is time to move forward. Automation is here to remove the human error and giving benefits to us. PLCs are fixing the human errors, errors that were caused by fatigue, repetition of the same work and boredom. Computers are designed for the repetitive work, they are specialized in this thing. On the other hand, humans are creative, they feel the urge of being creative all the time, it is impossible for them to repeat the same task again and again. And this is why, the rate of errors were so high.



There are countless benefits of using PLCs. They have changed the trend. PLCs are widely used in the industries and factories and they provide the quality safety and increased production. They have saved the money and time for all the factory workers and owners. Now, the cost of wiring and engineering are cut off by these controllers. Programmable logic controllers can give you high profits. The cost is minimum, they required little maintenance and changes and in return they provide great profits and saves a lot of time.

They are reliable

You must have heard a lot of stories about the power failure in factories and short circuits resulting in fire and heavy damage in lives and machinery. Working in a factory was a nightmare at those times. Now, the time has changed and everything else. The factories and industries who are using PLCs experiences little to no electrical and mechanical failures. When you use PLCs the control logic is non-mechanical. And, you can program extra logic to monitor and test for failures. In result, they have made the safety circuits safer and reduced the threat.


It is obvious that the computer has more speed than human. The PLC has the ability to speed up the operation of machines. Plus, you can’t make the decisions as fast as computers. They can make decisions accurate and fast. Plus you can have the options of setting the timers. It can be set of hundredths of second to compensate the variable and will increase the safety.