Games Inbox: Aliens: Colonial Marines fan, Blacklist co-op, and FIFA 14 cheats


The evening Inbox deals with an Fifa Ultimate Team Coins overly sarcastic Neo-Geo game, as one reader asks for help importing Lighting Reutrns from the US.

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Realistic expectations
I picked up Aliens: Colonial Marines for £2.50 and I’m really enjoying it. I’m not really following the story so couldn’t say if it makes any sense but I haven’t found any of the issues that have been talked about, I think it catches the look and feel of the movies well. The multiplayer was a surprise too as I’v found it to be alot of fun, the tension of being a marine not knowing when or where the aliens are going to attack has been done well. It’s made me jump many a time.
It’s made me wonder if either the patch for it has corrected a lot of the bugs or whether my expectations for it were so low or the fact I paid so little for it are the reasons for me enjoying it, it’s nice to have a surprise though.

GC: There’s no patch that can fix what’s wrong with Colonial Marines. But lowered expectations and almost giving it away can certainly help to soften the blow.

Co-op interest
RE: Mondeohitman and Splinter Cell: Blacklist, you piqued my interest in this game when you said that the single-player gave you the same feeling you felt with the older games. I had read that the developers tried to give both an old school stealth option or a gung-ho action option to each mission.
As regards the multiplayer, does this game have local two player co-op like Spies Vs. Mercs in the old games GC? If so, I feel a purchase coming on.
Charco79 (PSN ID)

GC: The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions have split screen co-op for some modes, but not Spies Vs. Mercs.

Cheating themselves
RE: Funtimefitzy and Gatchaman. If I may wade into this debate: I would agree 100%, I have never been able to fathom the mindset of someone who will willingly cheat at an online game and have yet to find anyone that admits to such. What is the point of playing an online game for skill and cheating your way through it?

I have met a large number of cheaters online with FIFA, these particular idiots would freeze the game (no idea how) and wait for you to lose patience and quit or restart the game to start scoring goals… How anyone can be that desperate for a win is beyond me.

The mindset of such an individual will always confuse me, if you have no skill at the game then practice and get better, it proves nothing by cheating a score or a win. You see it all the time on the leaderboards of most multiplayers, with cheaters fixing the results which I just find bizarre.

If any cheater finds themselves banned from online or a particular game then I say good!

Useful Details of Chinese Arts and Paintings


China has been well-known for its big land area and huge population. But apart from that aspect, they are also known to be one of the biggest art producers all over the world. With various techniques to create various styles of artistic products, Chinese arts are well respected not only on the whole Eastern region but also in Western countries as well.

Typically, the history of Chinese arts started way back on its stone age which dates back to 10,000 BC. At first, pottery and sculpturing are the two main forms of art on such country. During its early stages, products from such art are not that perfect in terms of texture and design. But as the early people china begun to follow some certain rulings coming the first created dynasty, such artistry has been refined into something that is worth of high value. Pots and sculptures begun to have designs that not only inflicts the beliefs of Chinese people but they have also inflicted images that explains or shows their current way of living. From that point on, Chinese art has been distributed and traded to other neighboring countries. This paves the way for other races from other continents to learn and see the beauty, elegance and refinement of Chinese arts.

As of today, Chinese art is composed of several artistic disciplines which are normally found on a China gallery. Such disciplines are leaded by Chinese painting, sculpture and pottery. Though such industry is composed of different artistic class, the subject found on each class is more or less the same with each other. The reason for all of this is because Chinese people have strong bonds with their beliefs and idealism, history and culture as well as on their lifestyle and surroundings. Because of this strong connection, they tend to create images that surely highlight all three aspects.

Looking at the common examples of Chinese art today, anyone can easily tell that such artistic piece is made out from china because of the same subjects and designs found on such products. For its painting department, it is normally embedded with animal images which constitutes to the zodiac signs that are part of their beliefs and ideals. Because of this fact, most Chinese paintings being sold on the internet is found an animal painting online shop. Aside from animal images, customary festivals and common lifestyles of the Chinese people are mostly being showcased on their paintings which are normally seen being posted on a particular china painting gallery.

Although such designs found on Chinese art are mostly the same, it is undeniably beautiful and attractive in the eyes of many viewers and painting enthusiasts. This is the main reason why most painting buyers are not hesitant in buying such artistic products.

The Elder Scrolls OL” monster species introduced Raiders Daquan

The Elder Scrolls OL ” is produced by a ZeniMax Online Studios epic fantasy style MMORPG, and will be officially released April 4, 2014 . [ 1 ] The game will be the Elder Scrolls (TES) series of the first multiplayer online games. Information about the game in March 3, 2012 and officially released in the month of Game Informer magazine released by the official .

The Elder Scrolls series since 1994 listing of the ” Arena (Arena)” began , as in November 2011 , more than five generations games. The series of games in the world named an overhead Nairn (Nirn) planet , are the focus of the story on the planet Tamar Rhea continent (Tamriel) the historical events occurred. The series of games emphasizes great degree of freedom , in order to complete the overhead of the world , the rich world settings, in many role-playing game, a unique, ancient games were won numerous well recognized.

In this sharing of enemies and players can encounter in biological popular new online game ” The Elder Scrolls OL” game world with you. “The Elder Scrolls OL” will be landing on the PC platform on April 4 and landed in the middle of the year next-generation platform .

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FIFA 14 :des améliorations pour FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

FIFA est un des meilleures ventes par chaque année, avec nombreux fans. Dans les années dernières, le nombre de fans développe jour par jour, en cas de Updates et la mode Ultimate Team.

La mode Ultimate Team est une mode qui peut collecter des cartes de joueurs , et établir votre équipe de rêve – les joueur avec club,nationalité et ligue à créer le meilleur style de équipe. Biensur , il faut avoir assez de fifa coins .

On a vu beaucoup de erreurs dans Fifa 14 , la mode besoin de améliorations à développer le jeux , peut-être dans FIFA 15, il a une grande amélioration pour la mode FUT.

Mais, pour la prochaine année , comme un fans de FIFA , j’espère que dans FIFA 15, il veut devenir plus mieux. EA peut bien faire ce jeux et obtenir une bizarre à nous !

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