Few Things One Should Know About Halal Certification Companies!

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Halal stands for the lawful, legal or permitted as per Islam. This is more of an umbrella term for anything that is related to food preparation or products. It even describes in detail how the livestock slaughtering has to be undertaken. There is a growing majority who is engaging in consuming food which is passed by the halal certification agency. Even the plants, vegetables or the fruits that they consume should not have haram substances or contaminated with them. Hence, increasingly food products suppliers and restaurants are applying for the certification. However, not many of them are aware of the actual procedures.

Why is Halal Certification essential?

In order to be able to label your food as Halal food, you need to be certified as per the strict standards set by the halal certification agency. All the food producers or product manufacturers have to mandatorily follow the regulations if they want to call themselves to be halal food suppliers. So, if you wish to supply meat and other food products to Muslims who consume on halal food, you need to be certified with the same.

Who is authorized to certify the food as Halal?

There will different institutions and regulatory bodies set up by the government to certify the manufacturers or products suppliers. You will come across a range of organizations with varying certification systems. In fact, when you are online, you will find several Halal certification agencies. But, you need to understand their work system so that you can apply for the certification.

What are the processes of halal certification service?

There is a possibility that you will find ample discrepancies in the halal certification processes. However, the basis of work is more or less the same.


The first step is to apply with the halal certification company. This means you will have to give the certification company all the details about your practice. Right from the source of the raw material to the ingredients that you use or your manufacturing processes, you need to update the authorizing institution with all the information.


The halal certification companies then reply the applicants about the confirmation and appoint a date for inspection of the site. A qualified person would be sent to your place to verify all the details that you supplied them with. They would check that all the processes are being followed as per the halal standards or not. Based on their observation and inspection, they would prepare a report.

Alterations and Approval:

It is possible that the report might require you make certain changes in the site or in the processes. In order to get the certification, you simply have to comply with the standards. Accordingly, after the changes, there will be another inspection to verify the alterations. As per the terms, the certifying body will offer a Halal accreditation or certificate to the applicant.


However, one needs to keep in mind that the certification is not forever. It will be for a stipulated time period. Once you cross the time-frame, you will have to reapply for the certification. Hence, you need to check for the application process and the time-period for which the certification would be relevant for. Accordingly, you should go to the certification agency.

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