The PPI Deadline: Tips for Getting Your Money Quickly

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June 2019 is the date by which all mis-sold PPI claims must be solved. This means that, if you were a victim in this financial scandal and you want your money back, you need to act by then. Considering the time restriction, it is imperative to act fast. To retrieve the money spent on mid-sold policies, one needs to go through several stages, starting with checking whether there was any mis-sold PPI or not.


In case negotiations with the bank (or similar lender) are unsuccessful, the client can escalate the issue and address it to the Financial Ombudsman. Needless to say, this lengthens the process considerably. There is a quick and easy solution, however, and it’s recommended in a situation like this, when the PPI deadline is set.

Getting all the documents and putting all details together to build your case can be time consuming. Many PPI victims have closed old accounts or they don’t even remember who was their creditor. This is where specialised claims companies come into the picture.

A claims company is the easy way to get all the necessary details and make a claim that won’t be delayed or rejected. You can relax and rest assured that everything will be done in a professional manner and the result will be as desired (perhaps even exceeding your expectations in terms of financial compensation). Of course, the service comes against a fee, but it’s all worth it, knowing that you will get a nice amount of money with a successful claim.

Act quickly and don’t waste any more time – the deadline means that all customers need to take action as soon as possible. No claim will be honoured past the June 2019 date. When working with a claims company, your input is minimal: you will only be required to complete a form or provide some basic information over the phone. The staff will do the rest.

It is important to know that, should a company fail to get you compensated (or discover that there was no PPI with your loan), you will not be required to pay any fees.