What Are The Advantages Of Having A WordPress Website

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So, you decided to create a website for your existing or new business and you need help from Syntax ERP Application. You know that if your company is not visible on the Internet, it does not exist. You also know that you can significantly increase your revenue by showing and offering your services on the Internet.


We all know the positive aspects of creating a business website. But it brings a new question, “how to start and what tools to use?”. If you do not know the answer, or do not have time to explore on the Internet, you should definitely call an agency that specializes in creating websites and ask what is best for you, your business and your internet presentation.

The answers are different from agency to agency. They can offer you WordPress websites, and in some cases, a cheaper solution, or they will offer you a static HTML site (custom HTML) that costs a little more, or even vice versa. And you still won’t know what to choose.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). Content Management System allows you to administer your site via a user – friendly platform that is behind the site (back-end).

Through this platform, you can make any changes to your site, with the help of an administrator area that is at first glance, easy to operate, clearly defined, and completely suited even for beginners. Currently there are many CMS platforms, but WordPress is one of the most popular because it just runs about 26% of all websites on the Internet.

Something that is very important is that right from the start you learn the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com. WordPress is an open source CMS platform available to download from the official website www.wordpress.org, while the other site www.wordpress.com provides blog services hosted on wordpress.com domain.

Advantages of the WordPress platform

Easy to update and add content- You can very easily update your WordPress site. With a single click you can add a whole new page, change the existing, add a picture, video, or anything else that is important for your site. So, you can add a new page without additional payment. Adding a page in WordPress is easy with the help of an administrator interface where you can easily format the text, color it, change the size of the letters, without the knowledge of html codes.

Great choice of templates (themes) – Today, there are thousands and thousands of templates that you can use for your site.

Incredibly powerful – WordPress sites can be easily expanded and their functions can be enhanced by adding plug-ins. By installing add-ons (plugins), you will be adding new features to the site which is in many cases necessary to operate the site.

Full control and ownership – By installing this site you have full control of the site, the ownership of your domain, or the control and ownership of the content that it has.