Accessories for Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces – Equip your Fireplaces

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Supplement your ethanol fireplace with fireplace adornment that will permit you to get the most out of your fireplace. Include the look of blazing wood without discharging any of the smoke or sediment from wood copying by including a set of clay logs to your fireplace, or select improving stones to give your fireplace the look of copying coals. It also includes adaptable lighters and other fireplace adornments that improve the fireplace client experience for our esteemed clients, so shop today for fireplace absolute necessities.

Ceramic Fireplace Wood Log Set (8pcs & 9pcs Sets) – Get the look of Wood Burning:

Add a more reasonable look to your ethanol fireplace by including this artistic Fireplace Wood Log Set of 8 & 9 to the mix. This natural looking set of logs includes a woodsy, just about rural look to your fireplace. Everybody except you will think you’ve been out to collect the heap of wood, slashed woods, and began a blaze, on account of the valid to-life configuration of this set of logs. This ceramic set incorporates logs that are dependent upon nine inches in length. The set is high temperature safe up to 1000 degrees C, and are proposed to be put around the flame, not directly over the fire.

Long Flexible Lighter for Ethanol Fireplace – Stay Safe:

Stay a safe separation from your fireplace while you light it, because of this adaptable lighter. This lighter is intended to provide for you included wellbeing while you touch off your ethanol fireplace. It is a full 10.5 inches in length and it features an adaptable tip that can be bowed in various routes, contingent upon the application you’re utilizing it for. This lighter is vacant, so you’ll have to fill it with lighter liquid when it arrives. As a reward, it can likewise be utilized to light candles, barbecues, or different things that oblige a more extended lighter for security’s purpose.

White Ceramic Fireplace Pebble Set (24pcs) – Decorate your Fireplace:

Include a smooth, current look to your ethanol fireplace with the expansion of this White Ceramic Fireplace Pebble Set of 24 Pieces. These enhancing stones can withstand hotness up to 1,000 degrees C, and they are intended to be situated around the blaze, not straightforwardly into the fire. The stones measure 2 inches by 3 inches around, and are intended to give your fireplace the look of blazing coals.