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That is, honestly, the best title I could come up with for this article. But I think you’ll completely agree it’s appropriate after reading the article. Let me explain.

What is holistic dentistry?

The word “holistic” comes from the word “whole”. It has been pasted in front of nearly everything in the past twenty or so years. Though sometimes used nefariously to attempt to add legitimacy to illegitimate enterprises, it most often signifies an adherence to an evidence-based philosophy of care that we all implicitly agree with.

Think about statements like “two for the price of one” or “two birds, one stone”. One component of these idioms is the spirit of consolidation. When one thinks of consolidating the effect of any human effort, one gets a sense that things are getting done optimally. Though words like multi-tasking can have a negative connotation, it’s nevertheless more closely linked to the same positive implications as the above expressions.

At any rate, a holistic dentist looks at the whole person when giving treatment. When I visit my dentist in San Diego, he pays attention to the wellbeing of the whole “me”. And, he is trained and very knowledgeable about the latest in medical scientific research. Of course, the body is interconnected and what goes on in one place can be tied to an effect or cause elsewhere, so it makes sense to not just focus on the mouth alone.

Long story short, a holistic dentist is a “one stone two birds” medical professional, and it’s logical to see one and save time. There are many of them in San Diego and all over the world.

Finding jobs online should be holistic

I’ve been active in the international job market for years. I’m a professionally trained lawyer and writer who works freelance on and off. Sometimes I settle down in one place, but more often I am a productive international vagabond. I did a stint in South Africa as a reporter for a small but well-funded outfit a few years back. In my research for a story I hit upon, quite accidentally, the turneringram blog. It gradually became my “go-to” online stop when I was re-starting my job / location search.

I like this blog so much because it’s not just a job search outlet; it incorporates writing from diverse places and people on a variety of tangentially-related topics. My brain sort of works the same way, so it was a good fit. Once you get passed the articles that are just thinly-veiled ad copy, there are great nuggets of truth for us internationally-minded work enthusiasts.

Maybe I’m just the target niche of a devious marketing expert intent on selling useless junk to extremely handsome and educated gentlemen. No matter. I see turneringram as a place where many different strands of thought converge in a convenient and powerful way.


That’s how the turneringram blog is like a San Diego dentist. It’s holistic. Maybe the article should have just been one sentence long, but I’d hoped you might enjoy this little contribution to the whole enterprise. See you out there.

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