Southgate Michigan: Geography, Weather and Population

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Southgate Michigan is a middle-class suburb. It is located in the central area of Wayne Country Michigan. It got its name from the idea that it is the ‘south gate’ entrance into Metro Detroit.

It is a thriving community with its roots traced back to Pierre Michel Campau who was the first white settler in the area. He moved to the place during 1975 and it turned into a farming community from then on. The area has had a couple of mayors running them from the beginning up to now. It is a quiet suburb that tries to live day by day.


Geographically, it has a total area of about 6.86 square miles. A small portion of it is water. It borders the cities of Riverview, Wyandotte, Allen Park, Taylor, Lincoln Park, and Brownstown Township.


The people of Southgate Michigan are eager people who toil on with their day to day lives as best as they could. Recent census numbers the community to amount to about 30 000 people. That is about 13 000 households and 9 000 families. Although they might be a small community, people take pride and love their very own Southgate.

The area is know as the Dining Capital of Downriver. People here have a knack for dining out and bonding with friends and family. They have a good number of food chains and restaurants that cater to their need. From time to time, they go out and get to choose between a couple of fast food joints such as KFC and McDonalds. Not only that, as the dining capital of Downriver, they also have various retaurants that provide various cuisines such as Mexican, Italian, Asian Fusion and many more.


Situated in the central part of Wayne County, Michigan, Southgate is exposed to all kinds of weather. This is rather important that weather and housing be coordinated so as to protect the residents in the household.

Southgate experiences snow, hail, sleet and ice during the winter months and an equally harsh exposure during the summer. The heat of the sun would be directly bombarded on the shelters of the community. It is only essential that residents of Southgate get the best roofing contractors southgate Michigan to tend to their roofing needs.

This is necessary to protect the roofing system that protects the residents of Southgate, Michigan. Do take time to look into roofing systems when necessary.