What Is The Safest Place For Driving In The Car

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We are all accustomed to believe that the most dangerous place in the car is the passenger’s seat next to the driver. The explanation lies in something quite simple: in the moments before the car crash happens, the driver unknowingly has a natural reflex of self-preservation and rolls the wheel to protect themselves. This, however, poses a greater danger to the front passenger beside him. Céline Dostaler wants you to understand about the importance of developing driving habits that make you a good driver. A driver who does not drink alcohol or make wrong decisions when on the road. You need to be one of them too and start making this world a better place for everyone, by starting with you.

For this reason, for years there was the myth that the safest place in the car is the back seat just behind the driver. Because that way you will be keeping yourself protected because there is another person in front of you. This is partially true.

But the studies show something else. In fact, the safest place in the car is in the back of the car, but the middle seat, not the seat behind the driver. This seat is the most uncomfortable and people generally avoid using it. Some vehicles even have a separate one. However, it gives the best chance to survive in the event of a collision if you put a seat belt of course. Sitting there, the passenger is literally protected from all sides. As a responsible driver, you must provide safety and protection for your passengers, so make sure you assign them the right place to sit and explain them why is it so important.

But if you are not wearing the seat belt, you are not safe anywhere in the car. Seat belts are very important even when some drivers underestimate their power. Every time you get in a car, make sure you wear a seat belt even if you are sitting on the back of the car. It is important to do that in order to avoid being punished.

It is also important to provide full safety for your children. As it was mentioned, they must have a special seat that you install it on the back of your car. The child is not allowed to move in the car while you are driving. This is strongly prohibited since it may cause some damages.
The studies show that more than 80% of the children who were in the car with specialized seat did not receive any injuries at all. If you do not have such a seat, you should buy one immediately even if you do not have kids. You may think that you won’t need it, but you never know what might happen. As a driver you need to have all the necessary information and act according to the rules and laws.