Reroofing: Yes or No

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It is acceptable to live in a house with dull design, a few pieces of furniture, or less appliances than usual. It is ok to postpone your house repainting or your floor retiling, but definitely not when it comes to your re-roofing.

Imagine having to bear the leaking from your roof. Imagine having to feel the cruel heat of the sun or the freezing cold of the winter snow all because your roofing system is no longer performing well. All the discomfort and the stress are not worth your attention. Therefore, before any of these start happening, know when to consider re-roofing.


Reroofing may refer to completely replacing your roof wherein workers will have remove the existing covering and swap it with a new one or just overlaying wherein the original roof remains and workers simply install a new roofing system on top of it.

Either could be done depending on your preference or on whatever your house requires.

Reroofing is done to save future repair costs which could actually be more than just acquiring a new set. Aside from this, you can be rest assured that your house is as safe as it must be because even the slightest problem with your current roof will be eliminated. In addition, your exterior will have a new attractive look with all modern designs and colors you can choose from.

When to Consider Re-roofing

There are a few tell-tale signs you can look for to know when it’s time to reroof your abode.

  • Damages

You’ll know exactly when your roof has sustained some damages especially after the winter season when your roofing system must have endured some heavy work. Look from the outside for any cracks, breaks, or missing shingles

  • Leakage

Visiting your attic to inspect any leakage near pinholes is a smart move. If there are leaks, or holes wherein light might be passing through, then it is absolutely time to consider reroofing.

  • Age

Sometimes, just simply counting the number of years your roof has served you is enough to call a trusted roofing contractors in Michigan to plan a reroofing project. If your roof has been there for 20 years or more, then you should already have it renewed or upgraded.

  • Appearance

If your roof does not look as good as it was or if it there are unpleasant sights like curling or buckling shingles, then the possibility of your roof expiring or performing less effectively is great.