Receive a cheap Van Insurance quote

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How to get cheaper van insurance quotes?

When you want to get a van insurance quote with any commercial insurance company, then it’s advised to shop around for the best deal. Look around and compare all the deals available in the market. But you should be careful as it’s very important to ensure that like-for-like covers are being compared. Some of the policies seem cheaper, but they don’t have the level of cover which they claim to have. You can use the internet for this and search for the best deals online by just sitting at your home.

Having a traders insurance is important if you are in the business of transportation, delivery etc. almost all the companies providing the motor trade insurance are understanding of the fact that all the customers have many different needs and requirements and that their vans can also carry many numerous different types of risks. Lots of the businesses depend on their vans being on the road on all times. So if you are in such a business then make sure to avert the risks and to minimize any possible damage by getting the right type of van insurance which has become essential these days.

Who the Van insurance caters for?

  • The van insurance provided at the various insurance companies is catered for:
  • Scrap dealers
  • Couriers
  • Young drivers
  • Transportation of hazardous or fragile goods
  • Convicted drivers etc.

What a van insurance consist of?

  • The Van Insurance can include:
  • Instant cover available
  • Guaranteed 14 day van replacement
  • Legal cover with every Van policy!
  • Breakdown cover
  • Accidental cover
  • Tool cover available
  • Key care cover
  • Gadget cover
  • 14 day like-for-like vans hire

What does the Van Insurance policy include?

When choosing a van insurance policy you have a choice between three types of cover Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft and Third Party.

The Van Insurance also includes the Legal cover which helps you in recovering the out of pocket expenses in event of the occurrence of a non-fault claim. Some of the Van Insurance policies also entitle you to 14 day like-for-like van hire in order to keep you mobile in case an accident befalls whether by fault or not by fault, or in case your vehicle is damaged by fire or stolen.

A host of additional products are also provided that can be purchased in order to enhance the Van Insurance cover such as, Breakdown Cover, Gadget Cover, Key Care Cover,  and even more for covering the excess on policy. One of the best Van Insurance policies can be availed from