Proven Marketing Strategies to Boost Delivery Work

When it comes to starting up and running a business that involves delivery work, it usually means dealing with clients directly, and that has both its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, while it’s easier to gauge how your clients are going to react with regard to the service that you are providing when you’re face to face, it also makes you more vulnerable. This close proximity to clients is a double-edged sword, but it doesn’t have to discourage you from running a successful business or starting one. With the following marketing strategies, you will be able to win your way to a loyal clientele.


Let Partner Establishments Display Your Company’s Details

When you go into delivery work, you’ll quickly realise it’s all about creating and maintaining connections. When you begin to build a steady stream of regular clients, if they are small, local businesses as well, you’ll be able to leverage their loyalty to extend your network. A simple marketing tactic such as placing a poster in a partner store’s display window or counter can do wonders. By association, it means that you are seen as credible and trusted. Do make sure you return the favour as well, and offer to promote their business whenever you can.

Submit Press Releases

When you begin to collect a number of partner establishments who want you to do their delivery work, it’s time to start thinking about another tactic with a wider reach. Press releases are always a sure-fire way of connecting to existing clients and potentially gaining new ones. Not only will a press release reach a huge audience, especially if you publish in a national publication, they will also establish your presence in the haulage industry and slowly build your credibility as a trusted business entity.

Submit By-lined Articles to Multiple Publications

A press release is an excellent tool, but it might be hard to keep up the momentum of industry-specific news on delivery work or updates about your own business. You can supplement press releases with feature articles that you can submit to local papers or magazines. Moreover, by-lined articles add to your credibility, as readers understand a real person wrote the piece and not just a ghostwriter. Articles will also give you more freedom to choose your topic, whether it is about road safety rules or to enlighten clients on a truck driver’s everyday life. It’s an excellent way to assert yourself as an authority voice in the transport industry.