How To Plan For Your Office Move

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There are lots of things to consider when moving office. Time is of the essence, so everything needs to go according to plan without a single hitch. Careful planning and preparation will ensure that your office move is seamless.

Hire An Experienced Removals Company

An office move is not the same as moving house, and some companies will not have the necessary experience to complete a seamless office move. Specialist office removal companies will be able to pack up all your furniture and equipment safely and transport it to the new building quickly and safely.


Compare several different moving companies and check whether they have specific experience of moving office furniture and equipment. You shouldn’t automatically go for the company which has the lowest rates because this is often a sign that they don’t take pride in their work. They may also be a failing company which is desperately trying to attract new customers. Office removals need to be handled by a company which knows what they are doing.

Tell The Removals Company About Any Delicate Equipment

In any office, there are items of furniture and equipment that need to be handled with extreme care. You might have some delicate glass-topped desks which have to be transported to the new office. You can tell the removals company about any items which require special attention. They can plan ahead and will be able to use protective material and tie the delicate equipment down with straps. Visit for a company that can deal with delicate office equipment in a professional manner.

Plan The Floor Space In The New Building

The greatest time waster in any office move is deciding where the furniture and equipment will go inside the new building. This can have an adverse effect on your business and might cause you to lose customers or money.

This unnecessary delay can be avoided in a simple way. Plan the floor space well in advance so that all your equipment and furniture will be quickly put in place or set up correctly. You can then get on with the important task of running your office and achieving results.

Get Rid Of Any Unnecessary Clutter

Offices need to be as streamlined as possible in order to work properly. However, you might find that the office starts to fill with clutter. This clutter can include old equipment, broken furniture and unused filing cabinets. Instead of transporting all this unused equipment and furniture to the new office, it should be removed. There are many items of office furniture which can be given to resale companies instead of being thrown away.

You will then find that you have much more space in your new office. This will make working there much easier and will make your business more efficient.

Careful planning will help to make your office move as simple as possible, without any delays or serious problems.