Painless Fillings: Mystery, Or Possibility?

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It has been the dream of many people, dentists as well as normal individuals, to be able to have completely painless tooth restorations available to people. I mean, who would want to go through pain, even if it is for a good reason like getting your dental health back on track? As humans we are designed to avoid pain, and the last thing that we want is to open ourselves up to more pain! That is why the information that there is now the opportunity to have completely painless tooth restorations has taken so many people by surprise – and interest. The question of course on all of our lips is whether this is just a mystery, or an actual possibility?

The answer, of course, is a little more complicated than that. When we think about pain, we often think about that sharpness and heat that happens, like the prick of a needle when we get an injection. However, we do not often consider the side effects that come along with pain that are actually just as unwanted, such as the pressure that we feel when a dentist is pulling a tooth out of our mouth. It is just as uncomfortable but in a very different way, and being able to avoid absolutely all of the different consequences to pain is not something that current dental research is able to offer us. No matter what we are able to do – at the moment – there is no way to remove the tension and strain when a dentist is poking and prodding around in our mouths!

So what can they do? Well, the fact of anaesthetic is a very real one, and one that we would not do to forget. Generations before us did not have the luxury of being able to switch off the pain with just one injection, and that is something that we often take for granted nowadays. Naturally, you cannot remove absolutely every ounce of pain that we feel during a dental procedure, but almost painless tooth restorations have been possible for a few decades. Now that dental research has increased over time it is getting more possible for patients who have put off having a dental restoration for a long time because of the fear of the pain.

The mystery of painless tooth restorations is now being slowly removed, but is it now a genuine possibility? Many in the dental industry now believe that it is – or at least, it is starting to be. One of the key challenges of working in medicine, and dentistry is no different, is that every single patient is different and so it can take a long time for anyone to be convinced that something new and exciting is possible. As more and more people start to try out the new dental techniques and experience painless tooth restorations for themselves, it is going to become more typical for patients to visit the dentist and leave there without having experienced any pain.

So there you have it. As dental research moves forward quicker and quicker every year, many of the barriers that we thought would be there forever are now being broken down. It will soon be possible for anyone who wants to have dental treatment to have completely painless tooth restorations if they go to a dentist who is able to offer it. Do not settle for anything less than a painless trip to the dentist; after all, this is your life, and you do not want to live in toothache and pain because you are too afraid of the pain that you may experience!