The New Age Televisions of this tech freak era

The Television set in any household is considered one of the favourite electronic appliances. One can sit in front of it for hours without getting bored. And obviously it is also one of the most widely used electronic appliances across the world and has always been in demand. Thus it has a strong commercial angle and has been going through constant up gradation. Hence we now have three major types of HD or high definition televisions, the LCD, LED and the Plasma. These are three different types of technologies that are being used in the television today to give the viewers a stunning experience.

Difference between the three types

The basic difference between the three technologies lies in the quality of the pictures that they produce. The LCD or Liquid Crystal Display technology was a big leap from the old box televisions. It gained ground basing on its clear and well defined picture quality and flat screen. But the LCD TV is now facing tough competition from the LED and the Plasma televisions. The LED televisions have now gained edge over the LCD televisions because of the stunning picture quality and sharpness. It is an upgraded and more expensive version of the LCD TVs that uses the backlit mechanism or light emitting diodes to produce the light for displaying the images on the screen.

On the other hand the Plasma televisions use the electrically charged gas ions in cells which are responsible for the broad spectrum colours on the display screen. The Plasma televisions can effectively produce more detailed and deeper black spaces on the TV screen.

The LCD TVs gave some advantages over the Plasma TV in terms of power consumption, brightness, weight and screen sizes. The Plasma TVs consumes much more power than both the LCD and the LED televisions. The Plasma TVs are fixed between 42 and 65 inches screen size whereas the LCD and LED are available in any size. The LED televisions which are again the new improved version of the LCDs have faired much better than both the LED and the Plasma televisions. Not only does it have an amazingly sharp, clear and vivid display technology but it is also very light weight and come in sleek and slim designs which make it easier to mount on the wall. The LED TVs also provide a highly defined colour gradient and also high contrast levels that combines to make a huge difference in the picture quality.