What Do You Need To Know If You Are Starting Your First Job

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As you have no experience, you probably have many questions – what will the relationship with the employer be, what kind of documents do you need, will you have the right to leave and many more. It is good to know what rights you have in order to be able to protect yourself against possible misuse by the employer. Brian Ross law firm wants to teach young people about their first day of work and what rights they have.

When can you start working for the first time?

As a rule, you can work when you are 16 years old, as long as this job is not serious, dangerous to your health and your physical and mental development. Exceptionally, you can go to work if you are 15 years old and the job is not dangerous and harmful, and it does not stop you from going to school. If you are a girl and at 14 years of age or a boy and 13 years of age, you can have a student circus career, take part in film shooting, preparing and performing theatrical and other performances under mild conditions. In all these cases, you will have to undergo a medical examination and the employer should be authorized by the Labor Inspectorate for the appointment.

Necessary documents

The following documents will be required to conclude the employment contract:

a document of education, specialty, qualification required for the position, such as a higher education diploma or a driving license;
an internship document, if required for the position;
document for medical examination – mandatory;
criminal record certificate;
permission from the Labor Inspectorate – if required;
occupational license.

When you start working on a contract, you will be insured for all social risks that are insured. The employer has the obligation to pay the insurance contributions on the sum of all the remuneration you receive under the employment contract during the month. It is good to know that the insurance installments at the expense of the employer cannot be deducted from the salary and cannot be reduced by their amount.


Like any employee, you have the right to use paid annual leave. However, when you first start working, you can take this leave when you have at least 8 months of work experience. One day of work is considered every day you work for at least 4 hours. If you do not get this 8-month probation you can only use unpaid leave. If the employment contract is terminated before you have 8 months of work experience, you are entitled to compensation for unused paid annual leave. This benefit shall be calculated in proportion to the days that you should have worked. There are no peculiarities for the other types of leave.

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