What Modern Day Public Agencies Can Do For You?

The term public relations has surely changed in the last 10 to 15 years, and those  enormous San Francisco PR firm, New York public relations firms have entirely reinvented themselves. For those old and sturdy PR firms which could not adapt or compete to the new trends, they are no longer with us. We all are very well aware of the fact that you can get more band for the buck doing advertising, publicity, public relations and online marketing.

In the present times, it is all about the social media and networking your information to go viral, and having your online audience to adopt your brand as pa part of their personality. In many cases, it is more like the same fundamental strategy, but over the Internet, everything happens at a much rapid pace. This is not to say that the old or traditional media is dead, after all, people still listen to the radio, watch the TV, but they do spend most of their time online. As a matter of fact, the baby boomers still read the newspapers and will keep on doing that too. Not all of them are doing it, most of them have moved to E-book readers, tablets, getting most of their information online, but they still read the newspaper.

For this reason, the expertise of a modern day tech start-up PR agency are very different compared to how they used to be one, much is regarding crisis management while things are going viral and moving at a rapid pace over the Internet. Such companies are very much capable of shaping the conversations, and an approach to get the business, nonprofit group or a celebrity into more hot water. It is truly amazing that one blogger could take an event and make it come up as a big deal. Then, it is the mass media that grabs it and broadcasts it on the TV. Later on, the news is on every station and on every single syndicated news compiler website.

Generally, most of the PR companies have personnels working for them  24/7 online scouring the Web for any mention of the brand names or businesses they are associated with, or have agreements with companies they are currently working for. If they find someone talking negative about a particular brand, a personnel gets online, posts some positive aspects to defuse the situation so that it does not go out of control and goes viral the next day. Moreover, an immediate statement is generally issued in defense to resolve the issue.