Home Security Locks

Locks are devices that are used to secure an item. It can be a mechanical or electronic device that may be opened using a physical object such as a key, a keycard or a security token. Locks can also be opened using a password, code or fingerprint – as well as any combination of the above.

Locks have been used in home security for many centuries because securing properties has been a huge concern for people all over the world – we can assume that these worries go back as far as civilization itself.

Impressive ‘locks’ such as the Kathmandu or the thief knot were used back in the early medieval times. Historians are not sure when the first lock was invented but we have certainly found evidence of them being developed and used in early Egyptian, Roman and Greek civilizations.

There are various types of locking systems that can be used for home security purposes.

  • Warded, tumbler, pin tumbler, wafer tumbler, lever, disc tumbler, and many other types are used to secure homes, as well as smaller items such as chests or storage boxes.
  • Locks can be mechanical or electromechanical. They can be opened by turning a key or dialing in a combination.
  • You can also operate some by using a form of magnetic card reader or moving a particular part that is intended to help prevent accidental operation or unauthorized access.
  • The pin tumbler is one of the most popular types of lock in the world. They have been in existence since around 2,000 BCE.
  • The earliest forms were very large and heavy, and were made out of wood with sturdy pins crafted from various types of metal.

There are many different types out there and it may be difficult to figure out which manufacturer is the very best for your own home security needs. If you have recently purchased a home, you will probably want to replace all of the locks The Lock Boss in order to be safe. In this opinion, keyed locks will always be your best bet when it comes to home security. Deadlock types are usually the most preferred because they are more difficult to break into. Look for a deadlock set with a keyhole on both sides for the highest amount of protection.

If you are unsure about taking on the job yourself, you can always request the help of a contractor to assist you in your home so that you can feel more secure.

Keep in mind that combination lock sets are not as safe as those which require the use of a key. You will also want to make sure that your strike box is secure with plenty of reinforced screws to hold it in place.

Otherwise the door can easily be kicked down – no matter what type of lock you have placed on it. Purchase a new, quality strike box that has two three-inch screws. These will help to secure the box in place and the screws will reach through the door frame deep into the studs in the wall.