Getting Your Life Back After A Sex Crime Accusation

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An accusation of sexual harassment or sexual assault is not something to take lightly. The mere suggestion that you acted inappropriately or abusively toward another can lead to the ruin of your career and reputation. You must act promptly and effectively to fight the charge and prove your innocence. Your very life is at stake.

A Sex Crime Accusation Can Undo You

Being accused of a sex crime can jeopardize all that you have worked for. All modern organizations, both public and private, take the issue seriously—and rightly so. Rape and sexual harassment are terrible acts of violence. It does not follow, however, that people who have had nothing at to do with them should have their lives ruined as though they did.

If you have been accused of a sex crime, your employer may hold up promotions, demote, suspend, or even fire you. You may also suffer social ostracism from work colleagues and friends. Beating back the criminal charge is not enough. You must also ensure that your name is cleared; you must present evidence so clear and compelling that it is impossible for all those who know you to believe you are responsible for such a horrific crime.

Hiring The Right Lawyer

You must hire a dedicated and experienced lawyer—one specialized in sex crime cases. Working with a lawyer such as one of the ones found at will give you a fighting chance to win.

It is important to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. Although it may be hard to see at the moment, the plaintiff has a great deal of work to do to prove their case against you. The standard in criminal law is beyond reasonable doubt. It is the task of your attorney to challenge the evidence presented against you; their efforts will be directed towards raising doubts in the minds of those sitting in judgment on you.

Your lawyer will know how to examine, criticize, and refute the kind of evidence that will be presented against you; they will also know how to gather testimony from key witnesses and do the necessary investigation into the background of your accuser and the particulars of the place and time that the event supposedly took place.

Beating The Charges And Clearing Your Name

The job or your attorney is to demonstrate the weakness of the case against you. Only the most experienced and capable lawyers can do that. Your attorney will also be able to advise you on how to regain normalcy after the ordeal is over. This is one of the worst things about sex crime cases: no one wins them. The private lives of both you and your accuser are splattered all over the place, and it is difficult to regain your sense of dignity.

It will be hard to rebuild and heal the many breaches that may have occurred with those closest to you. But you must do all in your power to get your life back. Having a sex crime attorney by your side can help.