Is there a Future in Detoxification for the Feet?

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Detox has been “all the rage” for most of my adult life. Though I think any trend can be co-opted for a seedy few, the marketing of detoxification has been founded on a solid base of evidence. The products sold to help with detoxifying the body are only as good as the write-ups provided with them. There is a well-worn ethical path for entrepreneurs to follow in this industry. I’ll explore one small component of the detox biz in this article.

Toxic nature

Our environments have become increasingly toxic since the industrial revolution, and that has taken a toll on human health. Heavy metals like, for example, mercury are in our water and in our biom, and we cannot, in the course of a normal life, completely prevent exposure to them. Good sense dictates that we manage exposure as best we can by reducing intake of identified “at risk” foods, like certain fish. Another course of action is to mitigate the amount of these things in our bodies.


Our bodies seek homeostasis. That is, they seek to have an optimum balance of all essential things in their system. We need the just right levels of acidity, blood pressure, vitamins and minerals etc…

As a consequence of its natural homeostatic function, the body detoxifies itself. The major organs involved in this function are the liver, colon and kidneys. This means that any nutrients or habits that help with the function of the liver, kidneys and colon will have a detox benefit.

The sale and marketing of supplements and advice to maximize the natural detoxification of the body is big business. Doctor Oz, a popular television doctor in America, promotes a very effective “cleanse” called the 48-hour cleanse. It’s top of the hits on web searches and continues to bring revenue through associated businesses.

Another lucrative niche is related to the other end of the detoxification process. No! Not the “rear end”. I refer, of course, to the feet. The lowest point in the human body is a natural locale for toxins to depart the body, and a logical target for detoxification efforts. In a recent innovation, researchers in Japan have developed a patch that absorbs toxins from this area of the body.

I couldn’t do justice to an explanation of the science behind the process, so I suggest you read up on the benefits of the detoxification foot patches on the Bodypure website. I personally use this product and can speak of its efficacy. Every evening, I remove my daily patches and see the evidence of their work. The sludge left over from a day of leeching the toxic waste from my body truly is a (gross) sight to see!


I’m not sure what the future holds, but the business of detox is alive and well. Products like the detox foot pads are a bona fide product that helps with a common problem. I hope that this posting on turneringram blog can be of help to career-minded innovators looking for the right area in which to dedicate their hard work.

As a medical aesthetician, I see everyday the amount of good that can be done in lucrative fields related to the wellbeing of the human mind and body. Cheers! I wish you good health and a strong career!

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