What Are The Eligibility Criteria To Get Work Accident Claim?

Causalities at the workplace are very common these days. Sometimes it is due to the ignorance of the person or the carelessness of others. If you have injuries at workplace due to other’s negligence, then you can claim for those injuries as “Work Accident Claim”. There is a certain eligibility criteria on the fulfilment of which you will be able to file for this claim.

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Who are eligible for filing a claim?

In many countries, the business owners and the employers have legal responsibility to protect the staff and visitors in their premises from physical and mental injuries. If the staff or the visitor feels that their employer has not adequately met this responsibility that has caused an accident at the workplace, then you can receive monetary compensation by filing accident at work claim.

Reasons to file a claim

If you have suffered an injury by indulging in any of the following works in the company’s premises, then you can get a claim:

  • Trip, Slip, or fall
  • Indulging in dangerous procedures and practices in the workplace
  • Working with faulty, inefficient, or poorly maintained equipment
  • Use of dangerous machinery at workplace
  • Toxic environment
  • Falling object from a height
  • Not conforming to health and safety rules
  • Carelessness of co-workers
  • Lack of proper training
  • Assault at workplace
  • Injuries while working on a crane or forklift
  • Defective manual handling practices and lifting without proper training
  • Injuries caused in industries such as vibration white finger or hand-arm vibration syndrome

What to do to file a claim?

If you relate to any of the reasons mentioned above, then you can quickly contact a good personal accident lawyer and consult the matter with them. After a thorough assessment of the case, the lawyer would suggest a set of actions to be performed and the evidence to be gathered to present the case strongly in the court.

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On successful execution of the case, you get monetary compensation towards the injuries and mental trauma faced by you. The amount of compensation you deserve depends on several different factors such as the severity of the accident, requirement to go on leave for the recovery and how many days leave you took, people who have been affected by this injury like family members, etc.

Knowing the above-mentioned set of actions, you can easily file for an accident claim.  It helps in quick and better recovery from the injury.