Effectively Implementing Same Day Distribution

It is undeniable that a courier company that can offer same day distribution has an advantage over competitors that do not offer the same premium service. Naturally customers will flock to the ‘better’ courier service and that’s why as far as profitability and covering as much of the market as possible is concerned, the ability to offer such a fast delivery service is considered a thing worth aspiring to. If you’re running a courier service company, you should know these three effective ways to start offering this service.

Formulate a Speedy Delivery Strategy

Formulating a same day distribution system has what they refer to as a ‘barrier to entry’, but this is only in place to separate the serious business organisations from those that are run by fickle-minded proprietors. Establishing such a system requires, at the very least, a certain level of commitment to thoughtful, exhaustive planning and accurate projection. You can start by having the courage to ask the right questions, even those questions that point at weaknesses or loopholes in your current operation.

One important area to determine first is what products or items you can handle for distribution or delivery vis-à-vis your current setup, available resources and equipment. If there’s a disparity, your efforts must be directed into making that disparity disappear. Keep in mind that implementing such a system requires many months of testing and preparation just to ensure that there will be no glitches. But if done correctly, its implementation will make your operation much more profitable.

Train your Workforce to be Flexible

Having a flexible workforce gives a business organisation a lot of advantage, especially in a rapidly and constantly changing business landscape. This is especially pertinent for smaller operations with a limited number of people. When you cannot afford to hire a lot of people, each with their distinct specialised tasks, then it’s important to have them flexible enough to do jobs that may not be stated in their job description. Similarly, having a flexible workforce is a vital element in establishing a same day distribution capability, as it ensures that orders are quickly attended to. In a typical scenario, even when the assigned sales staff is not available, others should be able to competently take over to avoid missing sales and also spare the customer some frustration. Needless to say, training and maintaining a flexible workforce come at a cost and you should make the necessary personnel compensation to keep job satisfaction levels high.

Go High Tech

Most importantly, perhaps, the ability to offer same day distribution depends a lot on how you fully utilise the latest technologies. Insisting in using old equipment, methods and systems can be so utterly self-defeating, as they use up more time, resources, and are more prone to error than advanced methods. We refer to telecommunication and Internet-based and computing technologies that enable a business organisation such as a courier company to operate flawlessly and efficiently while being able to meet the rising demands of a growing number of customers.