Company Compliance in South Africa to BEE Legislation


The South African regulation of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment identifies which businesses are influenced by BBBEE policies and offers several recommendations. It it has consumed roughly 3 years to apply and is backed by other styles of regulation.


The BBBEE Act seeks to produce a legal framework to submit transformation events, to permit the Minister to issue rules of great training and also to advertise black economic power.

The EE Work can be used to look for the Human Resource Management requirements of the BEE scorecard.


The BEE scorecard, which price businesses on the degree of compliance, lists seven distinct factors. There are two scorecards: an Universal scorecard along with QSE scorecard.

The QSE scorecard pertains to qualifying small businesses (QSE) as well as the Universal scorecard pertains to all organizations that aren’t QSE which aren’t exempt.