Is Buying A Condo Really Worth It? Find Out More On This Housing Site

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What are the basic options for retail housing?

Buying a house is a complex matter. There are many factors that should be kept in mind before the investments are made. People are always advised by marketing and real estate housing experts to carefully weigh their available options. Lifestyle and cost calculation is a must. This is because the retail housing plans are usually divided into Condominiums and Single Family houses. Condos support a more modern and contemporary lifestyle and are relatively cheaper to afford than a traditional house. Single Family housing is a more feasible option for larger families that can support the maintenance costs individually and require a more private lifestyle.


So, if you belong to the category that prefers living in a Condo and are looking for potential market options than the Downtown Toronto Condos are very good choice. Scroll down to know why?

Features of the Downtown Toronto Condos

These are a pre construction project developed by the Pembroke Group. It is based on the latest housing plans including a combination of Condominium units and retail spaces. The Downtown Toronto features a whooping 1586 units. Moreover as a part of the new project there are a total of 4 residential towers. Each of them has multiple storeys with the highest one reaching 33 floors.

Maximum privately owned public space

Privately Owned Public Space also knows simply as (POPS) has been specially maximised for the ease of the residents and to provide them with greater housing facilities. A 10 storey high podium provides a great deal of grade level retail space. Many spacious courtyards have also resulted as a part of the housing plan initiative to maximize privately owned public space.

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Luxurious Amenities’ and latest facilities for the residents

One of the main reason people nowadays are shifting towards the trend of buying a Condo is the ultra modern outlook and affordable luxuries that they provide. Just like any other, the Downtown Toronto Condo units are also situated at a close proximity to the local markets, public places and recreational spots. Plus there are the additional perks of having a pool or a fitness centre inside the complex. Not only this, but the excellent walk score makes these Condos perfect for walking around without any hassle. And for those who commute to work every day or require immediate access to public transport there are a lot if options for high class public transport.