Best Places to Retire in the U.S.

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Retirement is a period in your life that should consist of scenic views, picturesque places, and relaxation. The post-work phase can last for decades, so it is important that the area you choose to retire fulfills all your needs and desires. No matter what your interests are, your city should suit who you are. Numerous places in the U.S. will provide you with all that entails for a secure home. Safety is also a huge deciding factor when choosing a place to retire. After all, the last thing you would want to be worrying about is taking a simple walk down the street of your neighborhood. Being able to spend your golden years in a quiet yet intriguing environment is the dream for most, a perfect balance between peace and excitement is needed. The following places listed below are not only safe, but all have lots of amenities that will sure to peak your interest.


  • Port Townsend, Washington

This little town seems to be stuck in history. Full of Victorian buildings and a thriving community, it is like you’ll be taking a trip back in time. There are many activities to participate in, as well as fun festivals that include the Victorian Spring Ball. With an extensive arts and crafts population, the scenic view of the Port Townsend Bay is simply the cherry on top.

  • Pacific Grove, California

California does not seem like the ideal place for retirees, yet this small town does not live up to the outlandish image that is usually associated with this state. This minuscule location is perfect for relaxation and enjoying a quality B&B. Though the beach is not great for swimming, it is perfect for activities that include things such as kayaking.

  • Oak Island, Northern Carolina

Year round this town remains a quite laid-back beach destination. With a ten mile beach, there are over 50 access points to the water, along with a marina, golf course, and piers to fish. Antique shops, natural attractions, art galleries, and restaurants are sprinkled all across the town and are easily accessible.

  • Boynton Beach, Florida

Boynton Beach can offer its residents with a small town homey feel that is incorporated with some old architectural housing, while still providing tons of amenities there to enjoy. With many parks, public beaches, and adult communities for those social butterflies, this city never runs out of things that are available to do.

  • Cape Coral, Florida

This coastal town is said to harbor up to 400 miles of canals. Overall Cape Coral is ranked highest for physical health, supportive social network, and financial security so you won’t think twice about finding the best payday loan sites here. Sunshine and recreation are available at this spot in Florida in abundance, making it one the top picks for retirees.

  • Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

If the Southern beach lifestyle does not suit you, then a Northern coastal location may be more fitting. This is a year-round vacation spot and is located a mere two hours from Washington D.C. allowing for a quick commute. The beautiful beach and accompanying shops, outlet stores, and festivals will be sure to keep your interest. Some of the festivals include the Autumn Rehoboth Jazz Festival, Seawitch Festival, and for those chocolate lovers, you will truly enjoy the Chocolate Festival.

  • Kendall, Florida

If your biggest worry about finding a place to retire is safety, then you will not have to ever worry if you decide to move to this small town. Safety and convenience is a top seller for this little suburb, and the residents often boast about the lack of crime and danger there. With local stores, restaurants, beauty salons and more, all your necessities will be within walking distance of your home.

  • Charleston, South Carolina

If you are looking to retire to a place that carries a lot of attractions, then Charleston might be something to take into consideration. There is even a site where the first shots of the Civil War were said to be fired. With so many things to do Charleston has art galleries, golf courses, tennis courts, restaurants and lovely beaches. This area has a high rating from its residents when it comes to the social setting.

  • Glendale, California

This popular area is often called the “jewel city” and has much to offer regarding natural attractions. The mountains in Glendale exceed over 5,000 miles of wide open space to roam, and with the different trails to explore, there are hundreds of hikers, joggers, and bikers and those who enjoy the luscious scenery daily. The weather is always sunny in Glendale, and with a low crime rate you will not find yourself in a state of constant anxiety worrying about your safety.

  • Round Rock, Texas

A true treasure of Texas, you will never find yourself lying idly by without much to do. Regarding recreational activities, Round Rock can provide these opportunities amongst the many arts, events, shops, and restaurants that are within walking distance. You will be able to enjoy the cultural aspects of the neighboring city, a mere 20 miles away. Home prices are cheaper, gas prices reduced by about a dime less per gallon won’t leave you wondering how does a cash advance work; Round Rock seems almost too good to be true. Residents often score high when it comes to well-being, with health and financial stability at the top of the list.

  • Scottsdale, Arizona

It is hard to beat Scottsdale, due to it being such tiny suburb. Especially if you love Arizona’s Southwestern desert, which in this suburb offers quite a bit. There are hiking trails and a 150-acre Pinnacle Peak Park where you can enjoy leisure walks. The McDowell Sonoran Preserve has over 30,000 acres of land and nearly 170 miles of trails sprawled all across. Scottsdale often refers to itself as the Beverly Hills of Southwest which is a bonus if you love to peruse the aisles of stores. Residents truly enjoy Scottsdale and rank very high in the categories of health, a sense of purpose, and their social lives.

All of these places will provide you with a beautiful place to retire and much to do around every corner. Whether you prefer an active lifestyle or more relaxed leisure time, there is no limit on where you can go to find your perfect home to live out your golden years.