Adhesive Product Providers – Making the Right Choice

When the decision has been made to reach out to a bespoke adhesive manufacturer for a product to use in an industrial or commercial setting, chances are the project is one that’s being taken seriously. When and where the best possible results aren’t all that important, there’s no harm in heading out to any generic store and picking up any generic glue. You can’t expect spectacular results, but this comes as standard when going for these kinds of adhesives. By contrast, heading to a bespoke adhesive manufacturer allows the buyer to specify exactly what it is they need right down to the letter and make sure that what they invest in suits their requirements to the letter.

Of course, it’s not as if these kinds of specialist providers can be found on every street corner across the UK, but at the same time there has never been quite so many providers doing business via the web. From the client’s perspective this represents something of a blessing and a curse at the same time as while competition breeds lower prices, it also makes it easier for certain substandard brands to slip through the net. As touched on prior, you wouldn’t be going to a bespoke adhesive brand in the first place if the job wasn’t an important one, so it stands to reason that you should make every effort to choose the right brand for the job.

So, with this in mind, here’s a quick overview of the key tips and pointers to bear in mind when choosing an adhesive product provider for business purposes:

1 – Product Range

One of the most reassuring signs of professionalism right off the bat is an extensive product range that illustrates the brand’s wide-reaching skills and experience. Whereas some will specialise in little more than bespoke adhesive tape, others will focus on custom-made glues. Right at the top of the industry are those that offer everything from medical products and devices right through to industrial grade tapes and adhesives for heavy-duty product assembly purposes. Quite simply, the more the brand under consideration is capable of, the higher the likelihood of them coming through with your order.

2 – Time in Business

Something else to take into account is how long the brand itself has been in business as while there will always be those that have only just taken their first steps into the industry, others have been doing what they do for decades. This of course isn’t to say that none of the newcomers to the industry are capable of coming up with the goods, but at the same time it takes plenty of experience to hit the very top level of the industry and earn a reputation for excellence. Some experience is always better than none, but those that have been around for several decades are always the choice brands to go with.

3 – Quality Assurances

It’s one thing to just touch upon the subject of quality, but to fully discuss exactly what it means is something else entirely. For example, any evidence that the provider is ISO 9001 accredited and/or ISO 13485 accredited can be interpreted as a brand for which quality is indeed of the utmost importance. Should the adhesive manufacturer under consideration be a brand that takes quality of output seriously, this will be immediately evident in the information presented on their website – it’s not the kind of thing you should ever have to ask for evidence of.

4 – Affiliation

There are certain names that immediately spring to mind when considering world-class adhesives, which by way of their own reputation speak volumes for the third-party providers with whom they are affiliated. As such, when names like Bostik and 3M are happy to give their own backing to any given custom adhesive product brand, it’s generally a reassuring sign of quality and competence. Affiliation isn’t the be all and end all, but it certainly represents a badge of honour where present.

5 – Price Promises

Last but not least, regardless of what it is you’re on the lookout for, a good provider of custom adhesive products will always guarantee the lowest prices on the UK market across the board. These are usually presented and highlighted clearly enough, but can be queried directly if in any doubt. If the prices cannot be guaranteed as the lowest, chances are there’s a better deal out there to be found.