5 Ways To Easily Clear Your Skin

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Some of us just do not have any luck when it comes to our skin. We are the people who have spent our teenage years dealing with acne, our twenties trying to cover up the scars, and the thirties getting confused why the acne that we thought we had finally got rid of has come back! It can be incredibly frustrating when someone who has never had any skin problems starts to lecture you about what you should do about your skin in order to make it better, but that is definitely not what we do. We have all been there, and found that so many of the ‘treatments’ that are offered are just distractions. They do not make our skin any better, and they just get upsetting: raising our hopes and expectations, and then dashing them down.

That’s why we have tried and tested a huge number of different ways that you should be able to easily clear up your skin, and with no compromises at all. You should never have to feel as though that you have no options at all, and that is why we think that at least one of these five ways should work for you. Why not give one of them a tree, and see whether it can solve your current health problem?

  1. Washing with just water

One of the difficulties many people have is that they wash their skin with so many cleansers that they end up doing far more harm than good! They can be quite harsh with chemicals in that people with naturally good skin do not expose themselves to, so why not give up the lotions and potions and just try washing your face with warm water for a week? You may be surprised to see some of the irritability of your face disappear.

  1. Foot detox patches

Foot detox patches are brilliant for removing the toxins that have built up in our bodies – and best of all, they work when you sleep! All you need to do is pop the foot detox patches on the soles of your feet before bed, and they’ll work with your body to draw out the impurities and chemicals. By the morning when you wake up, you’ll see the brown gunk on the foot detox patches that you can throw in the bin. Your skin will thank you for it.

  1. Be aware of pollution

Much of the problems with our skin does not actually come from within, but from without. There are more toxins in the world right now than there ever have been before, and as we walk around them, they fall and crystalize on our skin, clogging up our pores and making it very difficult for our skin to breathe. Try to remove yourself from sites of pollution, and wash your face with warm water after you have.

  1. Reduce your sugar intake

Sugar naturally feeds bacteria, and so if there is any bacteria on your face or skin then it is just going to be fed from the inside out if you are eating a diet that is very rich in sugar. By reducing the amount of sugary sweets and sugary treats from your diet, you will within a few weeks see that your skin is clearer and better able to breathe.

  1. Go and see a specialist

Worst case scenario, none of these could work. It does happen to some people, and if that is you then the best thing that you can do is talk to a dermatologist about your case in particular. Only a specialist will be able to test your skin to see how they can help.

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