10 Great Promo Items To Help Market Your Business

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When it comes to marketing your business you need to do something that makes people remember you. Everyone loves a free gift which is why many business owners turn to handing out branded promotional items. With that in mind, here are our 10 favorite promotional items that can help to market your business.

Top 10 Promotional Products

  1. USB Drives – Statistics show that around 11% of people actually own a branded USB drive. The great thing about handing out a branded USB drive at a promo event is that it is a useful and valuable item that people are not going to throw away. That means that your branding is going to be visible to your potential customer for an extended period of time.
  2. Tote Bags – Custom tote bags are another top promotional product, especially at expo events. If you give your visitors a tote bag they will use it to throw all of the other small items and literature that they will pick up and other attendees will see your brand as they walk around and come looking for you! It is also something that people will continue using long after the expo. We are all being encouraged to use reusable bags when shopping so free bags are actually very much sought after.
  3. Customized Cups & Mugs – Above all else, what you are probably looking for is a long lasting promo and customized cups offer just that. This is another of those items that is going to be used over and over again giving you ongoing marketing for your brand. Various styles of cups and mugs available to choose from so it should not be too difficult to come uo with a striking design that will stand out and get your brand noticed.
  4. Puzzles & Games – Puzzles and games are not just for kids! Lots of people enjoy something to fiddle with on the commute to work or while sitting at their desk. There are a number of different toys and puzzles that can be branded with your logo.
  5. Keychains – Keychains are a cheap option which a lot of people will make use of, but just as many will discard them. However, for those who do keep the keychain it will serve of a daily reminder of your brand.
  6. Golf Balls & Accessories – If you want to offer a gift that is a little bit different then gold balls or accessories are a great way to go. Logos and brand names can be printed easily on golf balls, golf tees and other golf related items. Of course, the flip side is that not everyone plays golf so in this case you really need to know your audience to know if this is a gift that would be appreciated!
  7. T-Shirts – There is just something that people just love about a free t-shirt! They are a great item to hand out to staff and customers because every time they wear the shirt they becoming a walking billboard! We actually heard recently about one guy who hooked a new client in his lunch break because the guy behind him in the sandwich line noticed his shirt!
  8. Stress Balls – Stress balls are another item which is easy to brand, but if you want to stay ahead of the rest then you should probably look at some custom shapes instead. Look for something that actually fits in with your products and use it to link the fact that buying your product will take the stress out of a particular task!
  9. Water Bottles – Water bottles are a great choice for branded promotional products, because they are an item that everyone uses and which they will use often. These days we are very concious about staying hydrated so we carry water everywhere. That means that wherever your customer takes their water bottle people will see your logo. That could mean hundreds of people every single day!
  10. Confectionery – Branded confectionery is one of those things that has both advantages and disadvantages. Everyone loves candy, but your branding will usually only appear on the wrapper and once the candy is opened that is discarded, so will it really do much good? One way around this is to opt for a tin or some other reusable container to hold the mints or candy.